Tennis Champion Ash Barty, took a break from the court to become a part of the RSPCA Ambassador cohort!

Ash wanted to give back and support a charity where her passion lies, animals! “I love animals. Growing up with dogs and cats, animals have always been a part of my life (and treated as members of the family!). Seeing anyone mistreat animals is something I find very hard to bear. The RSPCA Queensland shelter isn’t far from my home and when I first visited the shelter I knew I wanted to help.”

Ash just loves dogs! “Dogs are my favourite animal and right now I have 4 of them… Rudy, Maxi, Affie and Chino, a mixture of fluff ball breeds.”

What’s better after a tough day on the court? Ash says, “Coming home and giving them a cuddle on the couch is one of the most simple but enjoyable things for me to do, win or lose they love me exactly the same.”

Ash is passionate about adoption, “Meeting some of the beautiful dogs and cats at the RSPCA Queensland shelter looking for homes was hard for me, I wanted to take them all. If anyone is thinking about getting a pet, please check the RSPCA website first, these animals are desperate for good homes.”

Ash is also supportive of RSPCA campaigns, “Ending puppy farms, desexing pets and ending live export are also welfare areas I feel strongly about.”

Being more than just cats and dogs, Ash was impressed to be able to see behind the scenes at our RSPCA Wildlife Hospital in Brisbane too, “Learning about the koala rescue program was pretty incredible. The amount of hard work that goes into every koala rescue made me realise how much the RSPCA need passionate people and funds.”

“I hope my involvement, whether helping raise awareness for key issues or giving my time, can contribute in some small way to the great work the RSPCA team do,” Ash says.

Keep an eye out for Ash in the future helping to spread the word about the RSPCA. You can follow Ash’s Instagram page here.