Adorable Solly Returns Home

Animals Rescue Wildlife Posted May 6, 2021
May 3rd was Wild Koala Day. To celebrate our beautiful koalas, we’re pleased to share Solly’s successful rehabilitation and journey back into the wild… and not for the first time!

Solly originally came into the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital in Brisbane back in 2019 and was released, but fast forward a year and Solly was back in our care - this time with a fracture to his elbow. 

Every time little Solly would try and take a step on his arm, it would collapse under him. Poor Solly needed help fast. Solly was given pain relief and antibiotics so his injuries could be assessed. His break would need specialist surgery if he was to survive.

Thanks to Philip Moses and the team at Veterinary Specialist Services, Solly underwent surgery to fix his break. With two pins placed in his elbow, Solly had a long rehabilitation journey ahead.

solly the koala undergoing surgery at VSS

Showing off his sparkly cast post-surgery, Solly slowly regained use of his arm in RSPCA care.

He was then off on his new adventure to our Eumundi Rehabilitation Centre.  Here, Solly spent 4 months in recovery. He had a spacious enclosure surrounded by nature and was able to start climbing trees again. Solly received a whopping 50+ veterinary consultations to ensure he was on the right track to making a full recovery.

With the help of Debbie and Sam from Moreton Bay Koala Rescue, Solly was finally ready to be released. Keen to get out of his carrier, Solly rushed up a gum, claiming his new abode!

solly the koala on the way to be released

Solly now lives pain free, back in his favourite trees on the sunny Redcliffe Golf Course. It was a long journey for Solly to get back into the wild, but worth it! Animal lovers like you, help make these rescues and releases possible through your support. Let’s hope Solly doesn’t need to come back into care in the future and lives out his days high in the trees.

solly the koala back in the wild

Last year the RSPCA cared for 7,585 marsupials at Wacol and Eumundi. If you ever see a koala in need of help, contact 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) to get 24 hour assistance.

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