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Wildlife Animal Welfare Rescue Posted Dec 15, 2020
On the shore of a Redcliffe Beach sat Flappy, a young Green Sea Turtle who had himself a bit of a sticky situation.

Flappy was found onshore (outside of nesting season), not moving and needing medical intervention.

RSPCA Animal Rescue Officers Jamy and Chantelle were dispatched to investigate.

RSPCA Rescue Officer with Turtle

On arrival, our team could see that Flappy was alive, but needed urgent help. With Australia Zoo more than an hour closer to the location, some collaboration in wildlife rescue was the best hope for Flappy.

Thankfully, Australia Zoo were more than happy to help and Renee was on site just moments later. With a little bit of teamwork, Flappy was loaded in for transfer and on his way into veterinary care. 

Turtle being carried

Updates from Australia Zoo tell us Flappy was suffering from trapped gas build up in his stomach causing him to unwillingly float, forcing him to shore. 

It could have been much worse for Flappy with these buoyancy symptoms often relating to Float Syndrome caused by ingesting the plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.

While Flappy was lucky, other marine life aren’t so fortunate. You can help play your part by reducing plastic waste impacting our wildlife and environment. Read our tips here.

A massive thanks to Australia Zoo for helping Flappy. Working together, Flappy was able to get the care he needed and was released back into the wild, healthy, happy and a little less gassy!

RSPCA and Australia Zoo Rescuing Turtle

Jemima Moore
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