How you can help: Wildlife trauma season

Animals Rescue Wildlife Posted Nov 7, 2023
Beautiful Blake the koala is one of the lucky ones.

Hit by a car in Burbank late one night, Blake needed emergency veterinary treatment to save his life.

Our wildlife trauma season is here.

From spring until summer we can see almost 100 new wildlife patients a day coming into the RSPCA. With your help, we can continue to treat animals in need like Blake, in the hopes of seeing them return to the wild.

One of our incredible wildlife veterinarians, Rebecca, rushed Blake straight into our operating theatre to undergo lifesaving surgery.

Poor Blake the koala had suffered liver lacerations and severe bruising.

Despite the odds, Blake was going to make it.

Vet Rebecca said, “He has done so well in care, he’s been an amazing patient. We’ve all loved Blake.”

After two months in RSPCA care, Blake the koala was able to return to the wild after making a full recovery.

Blake would not have been able to survive his injuries without your help.

With you by our side, you’re helping our next wildlife patient coming through our doors today.

But our fight is only just beginning as we strive to cater to the 400% increase in demand on our current wildlife hospital in Brisbane. Treating over 25,000 patients last year, we need better resources, equipment and services to continue to save lives.

Watch Blake's release:

TOGETHER FOR WILDLIFE: our action, their future.

Emma Lagoon
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