Bilbies, not bunnies at Easter

Wildlife Posted Dec 15, 2020
Bilbies are an Aussie icon. But sadly they are now listed on the vulnerable species list. Will these battlers be around for our future generations? Find out 3 easy ways that you can help save these unique creatures this Easter.
Small, furry and big eared – the Australian Greater Bilby can survive the harshest of outback climates.  Yet they are now listed nationally as a vulnerable species and may be pushed to extinction without help. 

So, how can you help save the bilby? 

1. Buy a bilby not a bunny

Australians spend nearly $200 million dollars on Easter chocolates each year, most of which goes to increasing the profits of big corporations. But what if you could get your chocolate fix and support a great cause? 

The Fyna Foods Easter bilby range of Australian Bush Friends and Pink Lady bilby chocolates can help you do just that. For every Easter bilby chocolate you purchase 30 cents is donated to helping save the bilby. All you need to do is look for the green swing tag to help make the bilby the true Aussie Easter Icon. It’s not just Easter, The Australian Bush friend’s series is available all year round for your chocolate needs! 

2. Eat one less Easter egg

Why not buy one less Easter egg and donate the money you saved to the Save the Bilby Fund

The Save the Bilby Fund helps protect bilbies from introduced predators and increase bilby numbers in the wild through their breeding program. Support their incredible work by making a donation this Easter. 

3. Go on a holiday bilby adventure

You can become a citizen scientist in the ‘Bilby Tracks’ program.
Save the Bilby Fund runs trips to the Bilby Protection Fence where citizen scientists, like yourself, camp in the outback and learn animal and habitat survey techniques. Work with scientists and natural resource managers to monitor and understand the area where bilbies will be reintroduced in the near future. 

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