Make Every Bird Count

Wildlife Article taken from The Biscuit magazine Posted Dec 15, 2020
Australians are being urged to join the bird-friendly backyard movement this October for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2018.
Count the Birds in your Backyard
Flower pollination, pest and weed control, wildlife conservation, and the stress relief that goes hand in hand with birdsong are just a few of the countless benefits of sharing our backyards with Australia’s feathered friends. 

This October 22nd-28th, BirdLife Australia are encouraging all Aussies to take part in Australia’s biggest citizen science project, the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. The week-long census will see residents heading into their backyards to count, identify, and report any birds they see using the official app – with the aim to count more than two million birds over seven days!

A fun and interactive way for the whole family to support a good cause, the findings of the project will help BirdLife Australia gain the knowledge they need to better manage our Australian birds. With new insights into the types, abundance, and population sizes of bird species inhabiting certain locations, BirdLife Australia will be able to better understand trends within Australia’s feathered communities – most importantly, which species are faring well and which species are not.

Now entering its fourth year, the Aussie Bird Count needs your help to top last year’s 40,000+ participants and over a million birds counted. Head outdoors and get to know the birds in your local area, whether it be your backyard, local or national park, schoolyard, or beach. 

Birdwatchers wanting to take part can download the free Aussie Bird Count App or visit the website. 

Tip: To attract birdlife to your backyard, plant native trees and shrubs at different heights where possible and select ones that provide year-round food and shelter for many types of birds. Chat to your local nursery to see what native plants will thrive in your area.

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Cassidy Chapman
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