Rest in Peace Tommy “The Wonder Cat”

Cats Community Speaks Posted Apr 13, 2023
It’s hard enough to lose a pet, but for it to happen suddenly when you’re more than a 9 hour flight away, is truly heart breaking.

This was the reality for Scott Ellis who had to arrange for his cat, Tommy to be cared for while he was in Hong Kong. Thankfully, the team at Pets at Rest Qld were there for Scott, Tommy and his family.

"Tommy grew a special bond with my family, creating a special place for each of us while he worked to bring us all together. He was special, he gave us all common ground as we discussed and laughed at his antics," Scott said.

Tommy was affectionately known as ‘Radar’ because he was all feet and ears, and ‘Hungry Hippo’, as apparently he vacuumed up his biccies from the food bowl!

"It was a good thing he was an active cat." Scott explained. "Tommy thought he was a dog at times; he would follow me around the backyard as I worked and could be found every evening sleeping on me as I watched the football.

"We would call him ‘Pig Pen’ at times (from Charlie Brown’s friend in comic strips Peanuts), as he would leave a trail of fur, dirt and grit just like a dog."

Even allergies couldn’t keep the family apart! "My daughter Gemma was allergic to Tommy because of his constant moulting. But she would go and buy antihistamines when she visited just so she could spend a bit of time with him," Scott reflected.

"My wife Janet loved Tommy," Scott said. "Despite her love for tidiness and the constant carpet of white and grey fur Tommy would leave over everything, especially her red couch!"

Tommy certainly left an imprint on every member of the family. "Tommy and Joshua, my son, developed a really close bond over the last couple of years. Tommy would wait all day either on the couch or the chair on the front deck for Josh to come home from work. He would always retire with Josh every evening." Scott said.

Scott reflects, "There are no words to describe the loss of Tommy. It’s easier remembering the great and funny times as, if I think too hard about losing him, I feel I won’t know when the tears will stop.

"Tommy truly was The Wonder Cat. We are so much better for him being a part of our lives."

Pets at Rest Qld knows just how heartbreaking losing a beloved pet can be and hopes to provide comfort and support to families during difficult times like these. We know that Tommy’s memory will continue to live on with Scott and his family.

Jackson Paine
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