School for dogs zooms into your home

Dogs Pet Care Posted Apr 13, 2023
Has more time with your furry friend revealed some behavioural patterns that are less than favourable? RSPCA School for Dogs online dog training can help!

Over the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of millions of Australians and their daily routines as people are encouraged to self-isolate. Thankfully, this has meant more time with your furry friend but, maybe this additional contact has revealed some behavioural patterns that are less than favourable.

The good news is that you are not alone – RSPCA School for Dogs is here to help! The team of RSPCA dog trainers are now offering a program that fills the gap many dog owners experience after their puppy graduates from puppy preschool.

The new online platform provides you with the training tools necessary to adapt to all situations. With a focus on positive reinforcement methodology - and guided by the RSPCA five freedoms for animals - your dog is sure to learn and thrive with newfound discipline and respect for you. Check out the online dog training class times and BOOK TODAY!

According to School for Dogs trainer De (Dejana) Durdevic, “This is also really good for dogs that might have some ‘issues’. If they’re a bit nervous around other dogs or people, then they’re much more at ease in familiar surroundings.”

The online classes will run on the video-sharing platform Zoom, which allows for interactions between the group, and is accessible to anyone in Australia with good internet connection and a phone/laptop/tablet with video camera functionality. Choose a place in your home where your pooch feels at ease.

The classes are run in either group or solo sessions and are scheduled according to age and training level of the dogs registered into the program. These online classes operate without distractions from other dogs and will be both structured, family orientated and fun to ensure that your dog’s interest is maintained. 

Once the current COVID crisis is over, the School for Dogs will return to on-site classes. However, if remote learning proves to be a popular choice, it is likely that online classes will remain in the future!

So take up the challenge to learn from your own home – your pooch will thank you for it!

Check out the online dog class times and BOOK TODAY to start a new journey with your fur-ever friend.

Tegan Watson
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