Portia’s Lucky Rescue

Animals Posted Apr 13, 2023
Unbelievable spotting of Portia by a member of the public led to a tearful reunion between pet and owner.

Along the busy 90km/hr road of Deagon Deviation near Brighton, a member of the public named Gina unbelievably spotted a cat dragging itself along the major road and immediately contacted 1300 ANIMAL. When RSPCA Rescue Officer Sam and volunteer Chris arrived, they couldn’t find Portia. However, thanks to Chris’s careful eye, he discovered a fluffy tail poking out from the guard rail!

cat tail poking out of the guard rail

Tucked up inside they discovered Portia. It was obvious she had a broken leg and was very scared. She was easily removed from the guard rail and scanned for a microchip. Sam found that Portia had come from Clontarf, travelling 6kms from her home which was mind-blowing considering she had done this journey with a severely injured leg.

Sam and Chris located her owner drove to Portia’s home. As luck would have it, Portia’s owner was pulling up after having done a poster drop regarding his lost, beloved cat. He was absolutely ecstatic and thankful about having Portia returned to him;  the reunion being teary and heart-warming as his love for Portia was evident.

It was revealed that Portia had jumped from a third story balcony during the night; most likely being the reasoning for her broken leg, and had taken off across the bridge.

Portia’s owner took her straight to the local vet where it was discovered that Portia had irreparable nerve damage to her broken leg and it needed to be amputated.

portia with amputated leg

Post-surgery, Portia is now a three-legged wonder! She has now fully healed, with her hind legs a lot stronger. Having three legs hasn’t impacted her ability to climb and jump either!

portio post operation with a pet cone

We’re so pleased for a happy ending for Portia. Thank you Gina for taking the time to report Portia, you’ve clearly helped save her life!

portia with owner after recovery

If you spot an injured animal, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

abbey godwin

Abbey Godwin
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