Pets at Weddings: From Man’s Best Friend to Best Man

Article taken from The Biscuit magazine Pets Posted Apr 13, 2023
There’s no denying that pets are increasingly featuring a large part in many couple’s special days. If you’re thinking about including your furry friend in your special day, read on to see some tips from Amy from Mutt in a Tux.
What role are pets playing in weddings?

This article is from The Biscuit magazine.

All pets can have a role in your special day, you just need to be creative. If you have a nervous or unsociable pet, you could consider a quick photo away from the crowd after the ceremony, or a confident pet could walk in with the processional or even deliver the rings (Amy recommends using replicas for this.) “Your pets’ involvement is really only limited by their temperament and your imagination!” says Amy.

Bride with a horse

Amy from Mutt in a Tux on her wedding day. Photo: Ben Clark Photography

What do I need to consider if I want pets at my wedding?

A pet at a wedding is a unique situation, and one that cannot be underestimated. “The priority needs to be the pets’ comfort. It is a sensory overload to be at a wedding venue,” says Amy. Remember to pack your pet’s essentials; water bowls, spare collars and leashes, appealing treats, waste bags and a lint roller in case of stray pet hair on suits. You can hire a professional pet handler for your special day to give you peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of at all times.  Amy advises, “If you hire an animal care professional, they can identify even the most subtle signs of stress and anxiety in a pet and act on that before it becomes uncomfortable or apparent.”

happy couple at wedding with their dog

Shannon on her wedding day with her dog Fred - the best man. Photo: Stradbroke Island Photography

How do I find wedding suppliers that will accommodate my pet?

We are lucky today that pets are being accommodated by most suppliers, and having a professional on site is an excellent investment when it comes to managing behaviour on your big day. Celebrants, photographers, planners and venue hosts are often flexible with their arrangements when they know your pet will be cared for during proceedings. Amy says, “We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how welcoming the suppliers have been – from busy caterers bring out chilled water bowls to 5–star hotels organising priority parking in the shade.”

cat on lead at wedding

Ferdinand the cat enjoying Declan and Jasmine’s wedding day. Photo: Juddric Photography.

What if I’m an animal lover that hasn’t got a pet at the moment?

There are lots of venues around Queensland that will suit your wedding style. The Rainforest Gardens at Mt Cotton, Dayboro Llama walks or even the Bribie Island Butterfly House might be the right place for you. Some venues like Sirromet Winery or Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba often play host to some beautiful wild animals that wander freely around the properties.

bride hugging a lamb

Photo: Ben Clark Photography

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Have you had a special day with a furry friend in your life? Did it go purr-fectly or was there a doggie disaster? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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