Oh Crap - The Best Poop Bags For The Environment

Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
How much landfill do you think is made up of dog poop? Negligible? 0.5%? 1%? In fact, 4% of landfill is dog poop, and one company is on a mission to reduce that!

Oh Crap (yes, that’s their official brand name) is an Australian brand that has developed non-plastic compostable poop-bags that fully biodegrade within months.

Not all biodegradable products are compostable – the key difference between the two is time, since compostable products degrade within a cycle of a compost process. That’s months instead of decades.

oh poop dog bags

The “Oh Crap” biodegradable compostable bag is specially formulated to have appropriate water resistance and disintegration. The “Oh Crap” collection bag can be used to collect the dog waste with certain water content without dissolution or breakage, and then disintegrate rapidly in landfill, and biodegrade completely – not into small pieces, completely gone. Since it’s fully biodegradable and compostable, it will not do any harm to people or the environment.

RSPCA and Oh Crap

The RSPCA made the ethical switch to Oh Crap dog bags late last year, and Oh Crap’s compostable bags made from corn starch will help us reduce our impact on the environment. Nationally, our new partnership with Oh Crap will save at least 365,000 plastic bags being used across our shelters in Australia. That’s a lot of plastic saved from winding up in landfill!

The 1.3 billion plastic dog waste bags that go into landfill each year is a real problem to the environment, and we’re doing our bit to reduce that number. You can find Oh Crap doggy poop bags now stocked in World For Pets. So you too can play your part when out walking your best mate!

If you would like your own Oh Crap bags, head over to World For Pets and grab some - with a portion of the proceeds directly helping animals in need at the RSPCA. Bonus!

Sam Morris
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