Ellie’s brave battle to attend Million Paws Walk

Animals Million Paws Walk RSPCA Inspectors Animal Welfare Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
Ellie was in a bad way when she was reported to the RSPCA, but her journey has been remarkable – this sweet soul is well on her way to recovery!

Affectionate dogs don’t get much cuddlier than Ellie. She is certainly living the high life at the RSPCA right now, spending time in the adoption pens waiting for her new family, and spending time napping and resting her head on laps as an office foster dog throughout the week. But medically, her progress has been a slow journey since late last year.

This sweet, older lady was noticed with a terrible skin condition by a member of the public and reported to the RSPCA. Her owner sadly couldn’t afford to get her to the vet to treat her issues, so surrendered Ellie to us so she could get the care she needed.

Our vets went to work, giving Ellie the care she needed to treat her very sore skin condition on her back. Ellie also had to undergo surgery to treat an aural haematoma.

Poor Ellie was also overweight at 41kg, so the vet team put her on a special diet to help her shed some kilos to get back to a healthy weight where she would be happiest and most mobile into her twilight years.

RSPCA Queensland rescue dog Ellie enjoys the lazy life in care

After many months of recovery, her skin condition is close to almost healed and she’s only got a few kilos left to shed to get to her ideal weight of 28kgs! She has her eyes fixed on being able to attend Million Paws Walk on May 28 this year.

There is a way you can help dogs like Ellie get the vital vet care they need to recover from illness and get a second chance… All funds raised through ticket sales and online fundraising for Million Paws walk by supportive animal lovers like you, goes directly towards helping pets like Ellie live their best life, pain-free!

On Sunday May 28, walk with us and thousands of passionate supporters to end animal cruelty and neglect. Find your local RSPCA Million Paws Walk here and start fundraising today. 

Ellie would like to thank everyone who is helping make her recovery possible by fundraising and attending this year.

Emma Lagoon
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