Reuse, Repurpose and Donate this Spring

Posted Apr 13, 2023
Spring is here and it’s time to clean and update your wardrobe! Supporting your local charity organisations including the RSPCA is a great way to kick off a new look. You can get involved through donating good quality used furniture, unwanted gifts, or by becoming a part of the reuse, recycle and repurpose shopping movement!

Tips on how to begin your sustainable journey

A handy tip to think about – haven’t worn it this year? Donate it!

Items such as old tables or couches that have scratches, can still be sold by our Op Shops. A new coat of gloss or paint can go a long way to tidy them up for us.

Other items such as appliances you never use that are clean and still work can be donated as well!

Watch some of our our quick Op Shop tips here:

Donations, Pick Ups and Deliveries

If you have larger items such as couches or shelves, we do have an RSPCA free pickup service! The service runs all over Brisbane and regional areas. We can also offer delivery of larger items to customers as well. If you are wanting to schedule your own delivery or pickup contact this number: 0419 653 694.

Learn more about how you can help RSPCA Op Shops and where to find them near you here:

Our RSPCA Op Shops receive truckloads of donations each year for resale in our stores. Volunteers get creative when it comes to items that can’t be resold, but are not so damaged that they can be useful in other ways. Whenever it is possible reduce and reuse is activated! Do you have an item that you would like to donate to our Op Shops? Find your nearest RSPCA Op Shop location here.

Our Gympie Op Shop:

Adopt at an RSPCA Op Shop

Our Toowoomba, Bundall, Labrador, and Rockhampton RSPCA Op Shops all adopt out rescue cats and kittens too!

Our Toowoomba Op Shop:

Our Rockhampton Op Shop:

What items to avoid donating

There are a few items that we can’t accept as donations however, these include items with missing buttons, shirts with stains and rips and zippers that aren’t working. Tip: If you wouldn’t give it to your friend, please don’t donate it to the RSPCA.

Why donate?

By donating your unused furniture and preloved items you can help reduce the amount of textile waste that our Op Shops see every year. Donating items such as old bedding and towels even go straight to our shelter animals to keep them warm and cosy. Every item is repurposed, ensuring that waste is minimised.

100% of profits from our RSPCA Op Shops go towards helping domestic and wild animals in need. So, this spring recycle your unwanted goods and you can help others find a new wardrobe and save an animal with every donation.

Our Bundaberg Op Shop:

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