My Dog Has More Followers Than You

Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
Dogs of Instagram, here we take a glimpse into the pups who are pulling in numbers of followers, eagerly awaiting the next post.
Animals are royalty on the internet. With early memes such as ‘Caturday’ on message boards, the fascination of cats, dogs, birds and other creatures have been long observed. Nowadays, social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and image sharing sites such as Imgur, Reddit and 9GAG ensure that you won’t get away from seeing ‘puppers’ and ‘catters’ in memes and videos and the like. And with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube users being paid sums of money by their respective media as well as endorsements and other advertisements, who wouldn’t doll their dog up to take in a little more kibble?

Instagram feature 1
Kiba - @ourdogkiba

Kiba RSPCA Furbassador 

As well as being a Fur-bassador for RSPCA in Queensland, Kiba represents what it means to be luv-a-bull. An English staffy cross, you’ll find daily updates of Kiba out and about. Whether at the beach, dog park or chilling at home, it’s really no wonder she’s smiling all the time when she’s spoilt with treats and toys to play with!

Instagram feature 2 
Amos - @Amospearce 

Another pup from the RSPCA, Amos, is a Catahoula cross beagle adopted in 2015. Always looking fresh with colourful patterned bandanas and/or bowties, Amos can be found in dog parks, normal parks, beaches or lounging around at home.

Instagram feature 3

Wow, such followers. Okay, okay, old memes aside, this Shiba Inu comes from Japan and rakes in a whopping 2.5 million followers. You can find Maru frolicking through beautiful landscapes in her signature aqua coloured collar and goofy smile to match. Maru’s owner, Shinjiro Ono, does it right in showcasing the adventures through the cherry blossoms and luscious green gardens.

Instagram feature 4
Boo - @buddyboowaggytails 

Boo sadly passed away but this Pomeranian was labelled as the ‘World’s Cutest Dog’ by media and fans alike. Boo boasted over 610,000 followers on Instagram, and over 17 million on Facebook! 

Instagram feature 5
The Dogist - @thedogist 

Not an individual dog, but a photo documentary of dogs in New York much alike the Facebook page ‘Humans of New York’. Also travelling over 50 cities around the world to capture portraits, Elias Weiss Friedman shoots every day, showing the world everyday dogs and the bond with their owners. Friedman also has created the 'Give a Dog a Bone' program which showcases dogs in shelters. With the purchase of a bone, the donor’s name is displayed near the rescue dog and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the featured shelter.

Instagram feature 6

Menswear Dog - @mensweardog

You never thought the day would come to see a dog who dresses better than you. Another Shiba Inu on our list, Bodhi, who is estimated to earn approximately $15,000USD a month keeps up in current trends with brands such as Coach, Nautica, Ted Baker, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, ASOS, Purina and many more. Former Ralph Lauren designer Yena Kim and husband David Fung are Bodhi’s owners, also assisting in arranging photoshoots and guest appearances to help build a massive 303,000+ following on Instagram.

Instagram feature 7 

Roofus and Kilo - @roofusandkilo   

Amongst the glamour and pampering of the dogs above, (although not necessarily a bad thing…) we have Roofus and Kilo. Owner Candice is living the dream with 6 rescue dogs plus other animals living on acreage in the town of Marcola, Oregon. Boasting 392,000+ followers, this feel good Instagram gives a glimpse into the life of these beautiful animals on the farm and the many adventures they see every day!

Tom Stefanou
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