Totally Relatable Cat Puns

Posted Apr 13, 2023
Do you ever feel like cats are your spirit animal? Check out these funny cat puns.

If you’re a napping extraordinaire, sometimes just need to hide, love being fed, and are known to go from calm to snappy… well, maybe you have species dysphoria. Probably not, though. But it does mean that you’ll definitely relate to our cat puns below.

When no-one seems to appreciate you

About the time you turn from calm kitty into super ninja kitty!

When people tell you to just ‘be happy’

Yeah, there’s about as much chance of that fixing everything as there is of our cats actually playing with the new toy we got them, rather than ignoring it and going straight for the cardboard box.

When you see who’s been eliminated from your fave reality show

Our faces when Blake got into the top four on The Bachelorette.

After you sent a risky text

In cat world, this is probably when our cats would go and hide.

After you’ve eaten a good meal

We hear there are some good cat cafes around Brisbane… Now with a full belly, what should I do? (hint: see below).

Any time, ever. Always.

If only it was socially acceptable to sprawl out in the sun and have a nap, whenever we liked. Oh, to be a cat. 

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Shelly Mills
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