The rescue of Mr Fox the ‘log dog’

Animals Rescue RSPCA Inspectors Posted Apr 13, 2023
After months of living rough in a hollow log and scrounging for food on a construction site, maltese-cross Mr Fox was terrified when found.

Construction workers spotted the matted ball of fur, offered him some food and alerted the RSPCA, but the wily little dog could not be captured.

The day before land clearing was due to commence, the construction workers managed to trap Mr Fox in the log and RSPCA Senior Rescue Officer Jo was able to safely transport him to the vet for a check-up.

RSPCA rescuers attempting to rescue the dog

“Because he was so terrified I had to sedate him. Then we could take him safely outside of that log and transport him to the vet to receive treatment,” Senior Rescue Officer Jo said.

white maltese dog inside a log

“He was in quite poor condition, but considering he had been on the run for several months, it’s kind of understandable.”

“His coat was severely matted and he would have been very uncomfortable.” Jo said.

After grooming, it’s hard to believe that Mr Fox was the same dog!

Mr Fox after grooming

RSPCA Queensland’s Head of Behaviour, Kirsty, said Mr Fox was absolutely terrified when he first arrived in care. “He was visibly shaking, he was growling … because he had been away from human contact for so long we just sat away at a distance from him and spoke softly to him.”

Slowly, Mr Fox started to lean into pats and accept treats. His personality started to shine through.

“He really came around from there, it was just a complete breakthrough,” Kirsty said.

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Taryn Paris

Taryn Paris
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