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Animals Rescue Cats RSPCA Inspectors Surrender Posted Apr 13, 2023
Seven cats allegedly living in squalor at a home in Logan were surrendered to the RSPCA following an inspection of the property.

RSPCA Inspector Sam said the smell from outside the property was so strong that she thought she’d be encountering a large number of cats living inside.

“The living conditions were appalling,” she said.

“These cats were just eating scraps off the ground. There (was) cat faeces smeared on the ground, and it’s built up quite a bit.”

Watch the situation unfold in our video

Working with the owners, Inspector Sam was able to remove the cats from the home and bring them in to the RSPCA.

The owners said they had been given the cats to look after originally but they were not desexed and things had got out of hand. They agreed to surrender the cats to the RSPCA, and the cats have since been successfully rehomed.

“It’s such a great outcome that we were able to remove the cats from those environments, however the owners still remain to live there,” Inspector Sam said.

We hope the residents of the property can now get the help they need to improve their circumstances.

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Taryn Paris

Taryn Paris
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