Volunteering at Seventeen

Volunteering Posted Apr 13, 2023
After RSPCA reduced the volunteer minimum age to Sixteen, Aya immediately took advantage and applied as an RSPCA Animal Care Assistant. Hear what she thought of the experience and how memorable it was.

After visiting the Brisbane Animal Care Campus and seeing the excitement and action of the volunteers, Aya said she simply searched online for the RSPCA Queensland website and applied right away.

“I have always loved animals, and after seeing the admirable work that the RSPCA does in caring for and protecting all kinds of animals, I couldn't wait to do my part and help out!”

A year on, Aya has created some fond memories during her time. From meeting like-minded people who share her passions to gaining valuable knowledge about animals and working with them in varying situations. 

“It is such a rewarding experience to provide positive enrichment for the animals and watch as they find their new families - and it's also a lot of fun getting to work up close with them too!”

Like many of our staff and volunteers at RSPCA, there’s always that one animal that makes a special imprint on our hearts which we will always remember. For Aya, it was a dog who was adopted at the January Pop Up Adoption event.

“From the moment she was able to be adopted, throughout the months she waited for a new family at the RSPCA, to finally being adopted at the Pop Up Adoption event - it was a long but memorable journey.”

“It was so rewarding to see her progress with the care and training given to her by the RSPCA, and to see her excitement as she had finally found her forever home.”

Being a non-for-profit organisation, we rely heavily on and are extremely thankful for the important work and time our volunteers dedicate. If you, or someone you know is interested in joining our team at RSPCA, please check out more information on volunteering with the RSPCA or contact the our volunteers department for more information at [email protected].

Emily Vardy
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