Trixie's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Hear how Trixie has been getting on since her adoption in March 2017.

RSPCA's pet Trixie was adopted from Brisbane Animal Care Campus in March 2017 by her owners Blake and Amica, here's how she has been getting on. 

Trixie has been on a couple of road trips where she has met some of our family. She loved spending time at the beach in Bagara but I think one of her favourite places we have visited so far is my parents farm in Lennox Head; she gets to run as far and as fast as her little legs will carry her and she has an absolute blast playing with the cattle dogs (although she gets puffed a lot quicker then they do). 

At Easter time Trixie came with us on a little camping trip to a damn in Warwick; she was in her element when it came to swimming and playing in the water. We had only had her for a little while at this point and we honestly couldn't believe how well she adapted and how happy she was to meet new people and play all day long. 
This year we also participated in the RSPCA's million paws challenge! Trixie and I walked together for over 60 minutes a day and raised $800 which we're both really proud of.
Trixie has made so many puppy pals since we've started walking but her favourite by far is Darwin. Darwin is an English staffy that belongs to an elderly couple so we quite often stop by their backyard to pick him up. They play and play and play and it is so great to see them both so happy. Trixie wants to play with everyone we meet and is slowly but surely realising how big she actually is and playing with the smaller dogs more respectively :) 
One of the main things that made us want to meet Trixie was her profile that said she loved water. This was NOT an understatement! Trixie constantly makes us laugh with her ability to seek out the smallest bit of water and the way she wiggles until as much of her can fit in is in!  

Overall it is unbelievable how much happiness she has brought to our lives, she is so appreciative and respectful of us and absolutely adores the both of us (however she is definitely a daddy's girl). We love her so much and want to thank you for letting her come home with us ❤️
Yours thankfully, 
Blake, Amica, and Trixie

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