Poppy's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Poppy was a very timid 3 month Bull Arab puppy when she was adopted 2 years ago.

She was afraid of everyone and everything and would cower when someone tried to touch her.

Over time Poppy's owner took her everywhere in order to expose her to different situations without overwhelming her. She went to obedience school every week, to the shops, to the beach and to the nursing home where her owner works. 

"Poppy has grown into the most awesome dog I could imagine. She is so trainable and energetic but also loves nothing more than snuggling up with you. She is so loyal and devoted, she loves to always be touching us. She makes us laugh out loud every single day." said Poppy's owner

These days Poppy is the life of the party playing with the other dogs at obedience school. She especially loves to visit the nursing home dressed in different costumes and shake hands with all the residents. She is the best foster sister to other RSPCA foster dogs we have and also to dogs that stay with us in our pet sitting business. 

Leah, Poppy's owner has expressed her love of the Bull Arab breed so much that they have just adopted another Bull Arab puppy!

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