Nutmeg’s Happy Tail

Happy Story Cats Posted Nov 10, 2020
Found in the cavity of a retaining wall scared and alone, Nutmeg’s journey has been far from easy as she was brought to the RSPCA with severe behavioural and social issues.

This green-eyed beauty is Nutmeg; now known as Roxy by her new adopters.

Nutmeg came to the RSPCA as a stray in May after a member of the public heard a kitten meowing in the cavity of her retaining wall. She reached in and found a very frightened and unnerved Nutmeg.

Upon arrival at the RSPCA, our Animal Experience Team and foster parents had to indulge a lot of time and effort into Nutmeg before she was ready for adoption. Sadly, she had no socialisation experience with humans; making her being extremely anxious, timid and uncomfortable around them.

nutmeg inside carry cage

Alas, after two months of dedicated rehabilitation, Nutmeg was ready to find a forever home and fortunately, was able to find a caring family who absolutely love her, and have devoted a lot of time and effort into ensuring she becomes a more confident, playful and happy kitten.

“She is very-very-very active, funny and extremely clever! She has already learnt some good tricks with clicker training and clearly loves it”

Nutmeg’s new owner Sharon has said that she has come a long way since she brought her home. Now so affectionate, the family have been teaching her new tricks such as climbing her scratching pole and giving high-fives as indication she would like a treat; a skill Sharon said means she is now cheekily training the family!

nutmeg on blue blanket

However, whilst Nutmeg is improving every day, she still has the tendency to get frightened every now and again; not liking new sounds or to be left alone. She also refuses to eat her food alone, demanding that someone accompany her and stroke her as she eats. What an adorable princess!

Sharon and the family are now working to get Nutmeg comfortable with being in a harness so they can take her for walks and burn off all her energy!

nutmeg cat looking upwards

All pets at the RSPCA have unique and differing background experiences; with each animal needing some tender love, care, patience and encouragement to come out of their shells and be the best version they can be. Thank you to Sharon and her family for giving Nutmeg a comfortable environment to flourish!

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abbey godwin

Abbey Godwin
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