A Well-Travelled Kitty

Happy Story Cats Posted Nov 10, 2020
From shelter cat, to travelling kitty - Marbles is now living life in style on the road with her new human, Ollie.

It was over a year ago when Marbles went missing from her original home. She turned up in Townsville but sadly couldn’t be reclaimed. So Marbles lived a life of mystery while she was a lost for over a year!

10-year-old Marbles was transported from Townsville to our Rockhampton RSPCA in the search for a new home. Her life on the road was about to change for the better when she was adopted during our Clear the Shelters adoption promotion. Ollie fell for Marbles in February, and now she is quite the well-travelled cat - enjoying landscapes and sunsets some of us only dream of!

Marbles the adopted cat travels in a campervan with her owner

Ollie says, “In case you’re wondering how her last 6 months have been... she’s turned into quite the adventure cat! She joins me on weekend adventures in my campervan @jennifervaniston whenever she can, and loves to just chill up the front with me when driving, and nap in the back during the day.”

Travelling Cat Marbles is relaxing in her Campervan

Ollie’s even custom built her a litterbox in the van too!

Marbles the cat and her owner

“She’s made me a very happy adopter that’s for sure!” Ollie says.

Marbles the travelling kitty getting pats

So if you’re wishing you were a cat right now, you’d be right to be jealous of this cruisy lifestyle Marbles has lucked into with Ollie! To follow her adventures check out @jennifervaniston.

Marbles getting amongst the trees on one of their travel trips

Emma Lagoon
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