Ivory and Buddy’s Happy Tail

Animals Posted Jan 27, 2021
Adopted 170kms apart, Ivory and Buddy have hit it off as best friends

When it comes to adorable, we think this story tops them all! The story of Ivory and Buddy began at not one, but two RSPCA locations, 170km apart.

Ivory and Buddy both started their journey at the RSPCA within days of each other.

Ivory was rescued from an abandoned property by our Gympie RSPCA Inspector. Although quite shy and timid, she soon began to come out of her shell and socialise with other dogs. She was certainly a fan of her toys too! It wasn’t long before Ivory was ready to find a new home.

Ivory playing with a toy

That’s where Luke and Mariko came in, instantly falling in love with Ivory and adopting. But that wasn’t the end of their adoption journey! Under a month later, they spotted Buddy looking for a home too…

Surrendered to the RSPCA for being too big and strong, Buddy was on the hunt for a new family. Sadly, his previous life was no picnic and he was desperate to make a fresh start.


Travelling 170kms from home, Luke and Mariko took Ivory to meet Buddy at the Brisbane RSPCA to see if they had found a paw-fect match.

Upon meeting, Ivory and Buddy had an instant connection! Since that day, this dynamic duo do everything together - from roasting marshmallows by an open fire, to playing - whatever it is, they do it side by side!

Ivory and Buddy playing

Ivory and Buddy have found the ultimate companionship, snoozing the days away and leaving their past lives well and truly behind.

Ivory and Buddy snoozing

We can’t thank Luke and Mariko enough for adopting not one, but two RSPCA dogs, and giving them the life they always deserved. Now both Ivory and Buddy have a lifetime of love, happiness and naps to look forward to together!

Ready to adopt your very own Ivory or Buddy? Check out all of the animals currently waiting for their special someone to come along on our RSPCA website. Apply online, and we’ll get back to you!

Ivory and Buddy camping

Ivory and Buddy bestfriends

Jessica Singh
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