Honey's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Adopt a Pet Posted Nov 10, 2020
Rescued by our RSPCA Inspectorate as a pup, Honey's Happy Tail will melt your heart.

Brought into the RSPCA in Townsville in July 2018, Honey was an adorable puppy needing a second chance. This sweet little girl found love in August 2018, when her new parents decided to adopt. 

honey the puppy happy tail

"Honey has brought our little family so much joy and has brought so much love to everyone she has met," Sammantha said.

"She has grown so much in size and personality since August. She is the biggest snuggle-bug I have ever met and loves to swim... like LOVES to swim. She is obsessed with my partner and will follow him absolutely everywhere and anywhere. She can be a little naughty with stealing socks but will later return them in the middle of the night on your face whilst you sleep."

I'm sure we have all encountered a sock thief in the house. It certainly would help explain so many odd socks over the years!

honey gets second chance rspca inspectorate

Adorable Honey just celebrated her first Birthday with her loving owners. 

Sammantha says, "Thank you for saving her life just in time for us to met her. We will love her forever."

adopted dog honey from rspca queensland

If you're looking to adopt your own Honey, check out our RSPCA pets available to adopt.

Emma Lagoon
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