Gregory's Second Chance

Dogs Happy Story Posted Feb 8, 2021
Gregory came into the RSPCA in April after executed warrants on four separate properties in relation to dog fighting

RSPCA Queensland Inspectors and Queensland Police executed warrants on four separate properties in relation to dog fighting in April and Gregory was one patient pooch! While many of the other dogs that came in at the same time as Gregory found love, he waited right up until October to find his new family.

Whilst in our care, RSPCA Chief Inspector, Daniel Young, took Gregory for a doggy date at Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve. “It was really touching to see Gregory experience new things after witnessing where he came from,” he said. Despite being four years old it’s unlikely Gregory has known this level of love, attention and adventure before in his life.

Gregory pictured in water out on a bushwalk

Unsure of his new outing with Dan, it wasn’t long before Gregory was diving into the water, exploring every bush, stick and building as well as meeting new people with a waggy tail!

Gregory at RSPCA Queensland animal care shelter having a cuddle with Chief RSPCA Inspector

Gregorys second chance pictured here on a walk

When Gregory first came into RSPCA care he had to work through some emotional issues due to the way he spent his four and half years prior to rescue. He was chained up and just out of reach from other dogs that wanted to fight. That’s no way to live. All dogs are lovers, not fighters.

So it’s no wonder that Gregory needed some time to adjust to a normal, happy life. He suffers from separation anxiety which means he’s afraid of being left alone and this can cause him to stress, so Gregory needed to find a very special adopter that understood his personality. All Gregory wanted for Christmas was to find a home.

His wish came true in October!

Kiana and Brin adopted Gregory and welcomed him into their life. They say that he has really settled well into their little family and that when they arrive home from work, Gregory “Erupts into fits of joy, jumping all over the place.”

Gregory in his happy home after being adopted lying on the bed

At first, Gregory was unsure of the car when he was adopted, but now his parents take him out bushwalking and to the beach all the time - he leaps into the car to go on adventures now!

Gregory pictured relaxing in the car on the way back from a bushwalk

Gregory has amazing parents that are helping him work through some behavioural quirks, but we think he’s certainly struck gold with a patient, kind and loving family!

Gregory out on a bushwalk

If you’d like to be a Guardian Angel to a pet in need this festive season, and help ensure pets like Gregory get a second chance, you can donate to their care here.

Emma Lagoon
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