Elly’s Transformation

Happy Story Rescue Rehome Posted Nov 1, 2022
Elly wanted nothing but love and affection, instead, she was starved and fighting to survive. But someone cared…

Poor Elly was in a terrible state when she was brought into the RSPCA. Luckily, Inspector Helen came to her rescue, scooping her up and rushing her into veterinary care.

Our Chief Veterinarian Dr Anne Chester said, “She was emaciated to the point where every bone in her body was protruding through her skin, there was almost nothing left of her.”

Thanks to generous animal lovers like you, Elly had everything she needed to heal, and it wasn’t long before her true, sweet personality began to shine.

Your support means so much to the animals across Queensland who won’t have a home this Christmas. You can help fill their hearts and bellies over the festive season by becoming a Guardian Angel.

Can you believe Elly weighed just 21 kilos when she first arrived at the RSPCA? For a large Bull Arab girl, she was incredibly malnourished and needed a lot of feeding up! Thankfully, after a few months in care, Elly put on 13kgs and now weighs a much healthier 34kg!

Inspector Helen said, “Watching Elly blossom from a malnourished, tired and subdued dog into a healthy, energetic and happy dog is the greatest reward any Inspector could hope for, it really makes up for all the tough days we have out on the road!”

We’re pleased to tell you that sweet Elly has now been adopted after making a full recovery. She’ll get to spend her Christmas lounging on the couch with her new mum and enjoying yummy meals. Elly has people like you to thank for giving her a second chance this Christmas.

Now is a critical time of need at the RSPCA with 3,800 animals expected to come through our doors from November to January. But, with animal lovers like you by our side, they can receive the urgent care they need and have their broken hearts mended.

If you can help, please donate and become a Guardian Angel today. You’ll be helping animals like Elly get their second chance.

Emma Lagoon
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