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Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
“Nobody wanted to adopt him because he was so large, and wasn’t trained properly.”
Dash on the beach

This dashing boy in the photo above is Dash; who earlier this year, was adopted by animal rescue worker Jasmine, after Dash was seized from property due to neglect.

Once at the RSPCA, it was a struggle to get Dash adopted as many people were deterred by his large size, and lack of training. However, it was Jasmine who spotted something special in Dash. Once she was able to adopt Dash, the work began to help make him a more confident and happy boy! “He has settled in very well, and loves his big little sister Lola!”

dash lying with his sister lola

Since going home with Jasmine, Dash has become very affectionate and caring; absolutely loving attention, people and more than anything, his sister Lola!

Jasmine describes Dash as being a big couch potato who spends the long hours of the day slumbering away with his head buried under a pile of pillows and blankets. If he’s not snoozing, he’s on the hunt for cuddles and pats coinciding with his newly found attention-seeking streak, or is strangely licking something; whether this be his sister Lola as they cuddle, Jasmine as she passes by him, or even the sliding door he likes to lay next too!

Dash also loves to play; both with Lola, and by himself! He loves to play ball alone by picking up the ball, throwing it and then chasing after it; repeating this activity over and over again until he’s tired! Once playtime is over however, Dash and Lola will unwind together by laying down and having a cuddle.

dash getting pats

Dash recently had his first trip to the beach with Jasmine and her partner, where he ran around and swam in the water. Jasmine stated, “To say he absolutely loved it would be an understatement!”

Dash has progressed in his new home in leaps and bounds.  Jasmine said that when she first took him home, Dash was terrified of loud voices and when people got close to him holding objects, he would shake and cower. It’s only because Jasmine saw his potential and was patient and understanding, that Dash could be given time to truly bloom.

Now, he’s a happy boy, riding off with the waves and living his best life with Lola by his side! “He’s come SO far!”

Dash on the beach with owner

Every pet waiting for a home at the RSPCA is unique; just looking for an owner who can understand their needs and can give them some time to settle in at home. Thanks to a little bit of patience, care, and lots of love, Jasmine and her partner have a great family companion in Dash.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, apply online to adopt an RSPCA dog today.

abbey godwin

Abbey Godwin
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