Dash’s Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Dash is a lovely young dog who has instantly warmed up to his new forever family – especially his new doggy pal Lola!

Adopted by Jasmine and her fiancé, Dash has already become part of the family.

“We absolutely love him, and couldn’t imagine not having him as a part of our family now. He and Lola seem to love each other as well.”

Dash and Lola got on as soon as they met! They’re always non-stop playing and sleeping together. Dash follows Lola everywhere she goes, he is like her very own shadow. They lay down and cuddle together (when they aren't running amuck and playing).

Dash and Lola sleeping together on the floor

Dash is quite the character – he is extremely lazy when he plays. He likes to put his butt and back two legs on the couch and rest while he plays tug of war with Lola. They usually lay on their backs on the ground mouthing the air and rubbing their heads against each other. A strange little ritual.

But this pair have a wild side too.

On their first night together, Dash and Lola were so excited that they destroyed all of Lola’s plush toys and strewing them throughout the house. Jasmine walked out of the shower and you can imagine she was quite shocked! And that’s not the only mischief these two have gotten up to.

Dash getting his belly rubbed

One day Lola and Dash thought it was a super fun idea to break through the back fence panel and into the back neighbour’s yard, and start playing with their dog. The neighbour called Jasmine, telling her how she had found the fence broken and the three dogs playing in her backyard. Luckily, she thought the situation was quite funny. They managed to get Lola back through the fence, but Dash was too big so Jasmine had to walk him home. Dash was very proud and happy with himself! Once the fence was fixed and the dogs could be let outside again, they ran straight up the back to where they escaped before, and seemed let down when they couldn't get back through.  

Dash and Loa bowing

Jasmine says Dash is extremely affectionate, and loves cuddles. He’s just a big sook! Jasmine and her partner have always loved bully breed dogs since they were kids. In her experience they are the biggest sooks, and have such kind natures.

“It’s sad how people misinterpret their breed, because they really are missing out on such beautiful dogs,” Jasmine says.

When he was first adopted, Dash got scared if there were loud voices, or if you got close to him with an object in your hand. He would shake and cower. Now I think he is starting to understand that we aren't going to hurt him, and he's feeling more secure within himself. I think it'll take him some time to get over whatever happened in his previous home but with some extra love and reassurance, Jasmine is confident they’ll get him there. He’s already gotten a lot more confident since we have brought him home, and I think part of that is Lola helping him build up his confidence. He has turned into a real couch potato and sleeps majority of the day.

Dash and Jasmine on the couch together

“He is always around looking for pats and to be cuddled. When my partner leaves for work early in the morning, I let him and Lola sneak into the bed for cuddles!” Jasmine says.

Recently, Dash doing zoomies up and down the park with another dog, having a great time.  Jasmine and her partner are thinking about taking them to the beach soon, and maybe on a camping trip. They think Dash and Lola would really love that. 

“We're super happy with Dash and I hope he is with us as well,” Jasmine says.

He definitely seems to have fitted right in and become a member of their forever family! Thank you so much to Jasmine, her fiancé and Lola for adopting Dash!

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Sam Morris
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