Buddy's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Feb 2, 2021
A few months ago Jenny and her family’s beloved dog, Jed, passed away. Jed was only 12 months old when he adopted the Camilleri family, bringing love and joy to all of them for 12 years.

When Jed passed away, the Camilleri family planted a special rose bush to honour his memory. Jenny decided that when the rose bush bloomed that this was Jed’s sign for the family to find another special dog.

Eight blossoming buds later and Jenny began to look on the RSPCA website for their next family member. Upon scrolling through the adoption profiles, Jenny was immediately drawn to Buddy.

Unfortunately, at the time Jenny came across Buddy’s profile, her father was hospitalised. This made it difficult to be able to introduce a new dog into the family at that point in time. Fortunately, her father recovered and was able to come home, albeit with a few adjustments within the home to suit.

After a month of settling into a new care routine for her dad, Jenny felt that having another dog as part of the family was important for all of them. “Having pets is an important and integral part of my life. They bring such joy, give a sense of purpose and enrich our lives. I missed the companionship a dog gives in return for offering them a loving, safe and comfortable home and family.”

So Jenny decided to look again on the RSPCA website and found that Buddy was still available for adoption.

buddy with toys

Buddy is a senior dog, super affectionate, loves pats and cuddles, and is full of energy. The RSPCA adoption team helped Jenny with her adoption application and knew they’d be the right family.

From the moment Buddy came into their lives, he has settled in as if he has been there forever, choosing the most comfortable chair to relax on, finding the doggy door to explore outside, enjoying his snuffle mat and squeaky toys, going on walks to the river, and being the most adorable, lovable and special little man that he is. The whole family are smitten and in love with their Buddy!

buddy with elderly couple

When a dog chooses you, the connection that you share is unforgettable and eternal. Thank you to Jenny and her family for choosing to adopt after Jed’s passing and help another animal in need.

If you’re looking for a companion, visit our adoption page to see pets waiting for homes.

Alyssa Magarry
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