Hi, I’m Jester

Jester is a vibrant blue/green Indian Ringneck Parrot with a personality as colorful as his feathers. With his playful demeanor and social nature, he brings joy and liveliness to any home. Indian Ringneck parrots like Jester are known for their intelligence and love of interaction, making them perfect companions for those who enjoy engaging with their pets.

Despite their lively disposition, Indian Ringneck parrots are surprisingly low maintenance. With minimal grooming needs, they allow for easy care. A healthy diet, fresh water, and a clean environment are all they require to thrive.

For those seeking a pet that offers both beauty and entertainment, Jester the Indian Ringneck Parrot fits the bill perfectly. With his charm and intelligence, he enriches the lives of his owners and brings a splash of color to their daily routine.

Adoption Price $100

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