Hi, I’m Kiwi

Hi there

My name is Kiwi and I came into care with RSPCA a few months ago, due to me previous owner not being able to care for me any more. I have lived with other horses, like my best mate Bobby and love their company.

I am now up to date with all my vaccinations, including Hendra, feet trims and recently had a dental. I float very nicely and travel well. I love a groom and a bath and am becoming more and more like my true self.

I would do best with an owner who understands and can offer me continue training. Jen and the team at Purely Positive Training have been working on building my confidence and I'm improving day by day. I have been ridden in the past and have just renewed this skill, so could do this as part of my daily routine, but only short rides due to my mature age. I am a gentle horse around other horses, people, kids, dogs and even got to like the Donkey next door.

My foster mum does say I get a excited at mealtimes and can let everyone know to stay away (and herd Bobby away from the feed area). I don't cause any harm, and settle very quickly and will let my mate Bobby eat with me once he settles. I don't mind to share of my hay. I love having Bobby close by so we would prefer go together if possible, But I could potential settle with another horse, as would make a great companion horse.

I was a bit underweight when I arrived at RSPCA and it has taken me a few months to get to tip top conditions. I'm all good, fit and ready to find my new home. I have gained a lot of condition on good feed and regulars worming regime and also Gastric Aid to help my gut which is all good now.

Best for an experienced owner as I'm still learning to respond to light pressures and follow instructions, but the foster mum's 12 old year daughter can lead and train me. I love this quality time. I like human contact, can be touched anywhere, nothing phases me! I didn't like my fly mask initially, but now no problem. Im very good to vet and farrier. No problems with feet and bathing.

I can eat from bucket, graze in paddock or hay net, not fussy. I love carrots and liquorice! Check out my trick of turning my head to politely request more treats in the videos! I spend most of his time in the paddock walking and eating with Bobby. I'm overall a beautiful gentle horse with lots of love to give.

Here is a cute video of me and my friend Bobby 1305036


If you are interested in adopting me (and Bobby) into your family, please reach out to the team at RSPCA and complete the online Application form. I can't wait to meet you and your other equine friends.

Adoption Price $700

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