Hi, I’m Keeta

Hi there, my name is Keeta. I'm a little bit shy at first, but oh baby, once I get used to you I will never stray from your side. I actually come with a my soulmate named Leroy, another dog who I spent the earlier part of my life with & we cannot bear to be apart! But don't worry, there won't be any hanky panky going on since we will both be desexed. We love human kids, too. The one thing I'm not really keen on are those wretched felines! The only thing I like about them is chasing them. So if you are a cat free household & would like an adorable addition, just remember - no one can beat a Keeta & everyone wants to toy with Leroy!

Our adoption price includes us, our desexing, microchipping, flea & worming treatments & ensures that all of our vaccinations are up to date.

Please note:

  • A property check may be required before ADOPTION to ensure the safety and welfare of adoption animals. Rental agreements allowing pets will be required for adoptions into rental properties. Differential pricing may apply.
  • This website is live and updates frequently, there is a chance that by the time you arrive at our location the animal you have an interest in might have been adopted by another party. We unfortunately can not put animals on hold over the phone.