Hi, I’m Cosmo

Greetings, I'm Cosmo, a fascinating Krefft's River turtle hailing from the scenic rivers of the eastern coast of Queensland. Currently residing in a spacious, lightly heated outdoor pool, complete with a log platform for basking and ample swimming room, I'm ready to bring aquatic joy to a new home.

As an omnivorous fellow, my diet is diverse and carefully curated to include thawed frozen seafood, pellets, crickets, mealworms, and a variety of vegetables, ensuring I stay healthy and well-balanced.

Given my sizable stature, I'm on the lookout for a home equipped with a suitably sized tank or pond, complete with proper filtration, hides for privacy, rocks for exploration, a heat lamp for coziness, and UV lighting for overall well-being. Join me in creating a thriving aquatic haven-adopt Cosmo and dive into a world of turtle charm! 🐢💚

Adoption Price: $75

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