At certain times of the year, such as Spring, snakes are more likely to be seen in gardens and parks.

  • Do not panic, snakes are usually more scared of you then you are of them
  • Do not approach any snake. Wait and it will usually move on
  • Keep your pets away, perhaps put them inside until the snake passes on

What to do if a snake is in your house

  • Do not panic
  • Keep your pets and children away
  • Do not touch it. Snake bites occur when people attempt to touch a snake, relocate it or kill it
  • You can either leave it alone and it will eventually make its way outside
  • OR, you can take a photo of it from a distance, send the photo through to a snake catcher to provide advice on the species. The snake catcher could come and relocate it for you.
  • Remember it is illegal to catch or kill a snake

How to discourage snakes from visiting your yard

  • Remove food that attracts snakes from around your house. Keep rodent populations under control by disposing of rubbish and keeping areas uncluttered, putting animal feed in storage areas that are rodent proof and not leaving uneaten pet food in bowls.
  • If you have chickens or other poultry, keep them in snake proof enclosures
  • Remove places for snakes to hide in, such as wood or rock piles
  • Keep your lawn freshly cut. Snakes don’t like to be vulnerable and won’t travel great distances out in the open such as over a nicely trimmed lawn

Call 1300 ANIMAL for advice or contact your local snake catcher to relocate the snake. Here is a list of snakes to help you identify the snake. Unfortunately, the RSPCA Qld does not have legal authorisation to remove snakes unless they are injured or hurt.