The purpose of this policy is to ensure the health and safety of all visitors to RSPCA Qld workplaces as part of a scheduled organisation, institution, school or RSPCA visit or program, and to maintain the integrity of the RSPCA Qld, and legal obligations placed on the organisation.

Please read the information below

Whilst visiting the RSPCA Animal Care Campus and any other site relating to the program, I agree to:

  • Take all appropriate precautions to maintain my own health and safety and the health and safety of others
  • In case of emergency, follow all instructions issued by staff
  • Comply with all instructions given by the RSPCA Qld representative
  • Only enter areas as designated by an RSPCA Qld representative, and as far as practicable ensure that no go areas and hazardous work areas are not entered
  • Take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the working environment is not disrupted
  • Be respectful of the site and facilities
  • Wear closed in shoes and any other personal protective equipment as advised by the RSPCA Qld
  • Inform the RSPCA Qld representative of any illness, allergy or injury that may impact upon my participation in the program
  • Immediately inform the RSPCA Qld representative if I sustain an injury during any program sessions
  • Understand that whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure my safety, any animal may react unpredictably at times