1. Please note this is not a booking form. Bookings are not confirmed until you have received a Confirmation Email from RSPCA Qld.
  2. No person will be permitted to attend without a signed Visitor to the Workplace Agreement.
  3. Any breach of the safety requirements in the attached agreement will result in the participant being unable to complete the program.
  4. RSPCA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule programs when necessary.
  5. Participants without the appropriate footwear and clothing will not be admitted.
  6. Should a parent or guardian be late in collecting their child at the end of the session an additional fee may apply.
  7. Any food or drink brought from home can be refrigerated if necessary. Standard restrictions for food containing nuts etc. will apply.
  8. We have an on-site café where food and drinks can be pre-ordered and available to collect during breaks.