RSPCA Qld offers a range of programs that aim to develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals. On one level our programs are about learning how to care for animals, at a more complex level they are about learning why we should care for animals. Express your interest online or email our Education Team

Schools and Education Centres

We can tailor our lessons to suit the age and interests of your students, as well as fit in with any units of work that you are currently teaching from ages 4 years and up.  Visits can include curriculum-linked lessons, activities and presentations sharing messages around animal welfare.

Community Groups

Whether your group’s interest is around the personal caring of pets, what the RSPCA does for the community or how they can actively get involved in helping animals we can deliver an engaging and thought provoking session. RSPCA has a long history of helping animals and with your help this will continue for many more years to come. Learn how by inviting a speaker to your next meeting.

Our programs do not involve live animals attending.

Education on foot

If you are an educator at a school, or pre-school, then RSPCA can visit and share the many positive messages around animal welfare. Whether it be in support of your teaching and the student’s learning, an animal has decided to take up residence in the rafters of the school undercover area or for those times when you identify the need for some professional intervention after hearing of an incident involving a student and an animal, we are there to offer a hand.

The following example lessons are available and may suit. There are many other topics to choose from, including our team creating a bespoke session to match the content being covered. All are available in an age-appropriate format to cater to any year level.

RSPCA Roles and Responsibilities

The RSPCA has both a proactive and reactive role within animal welfare. These roles are outlined in each session held, regardless of the topic, but can be investigated more in-depth by discussing RSPCA as a community organisation, charity, a place reliant on volunteers and the laws around animal welfare, among other topics.

Responsible Pet Ownership
Students will learn how to care for dogs and cats and cover important aspects of pet ownership including: food, water, shelter, exercise, grooming, mental health and Veterinary treatment

Dog Safety
Students will learn how to safely interact with dogs, covering key safety messages:
  • Looking at dog body language and how they feel i.e., happy, angry, scared
  • What to do when encountering an unknown dog
  • Safe and unsafe situations to interact with dogs

Living with wildlife

Through discussion students discover how we can all live positively with native animals. Threats to wildlife are covered with ways to reduce death and injury by making changes to our behaviours and those of our community. 

Animal Welfare Campaign: Humane food

More and more people are questioning where their food comes from. This program will discuss the various farming systems that produce our eggs, chicken meat and pork, including:
  • Cage, Cage free, Barn laid, Free-range systems

RSPCA Approved Farming scheme will also be discussed as more animal welfare options become available, therefore equipping students with the knowledge to make more humane choices while browsing the supermarket shelves.

Careers in animal welfare
Many students would love to work with and for animals. What these roles entail, and what it takes to get them are discussed. These include working with domestic pets, farm animals and wildlife.

Community Group presentations

Are you looking for an engaging presentation to add to your monthly group meetings? An RSPCA Queensland representative can visit your community group to deliver a presentation on a wide range of animal-related topics. Everyone can benefit from our insightful and engaging programs, with sessions tailored to suit the interests of your group and offer ways individuals and groups can help animals in need.

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