• EMU at the 2014 Ekka

RSPCA Qld offers a range of Education Programs that aim to develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals. On one level our programs are about learning how to care for animals. At a more complex level, our programs are about learning why we should care for animals.

Educational Mobile Unit (EMU)

EMU is RSPCA Qld’s flagship Education Mobile Unit – a state-of-the-art classroom on wheels filled with interactive animal welfare education. EMU includes distinct learning modules that allow students to explore the responsibilities of pet ownership, the lives of farm animals, and our relationship with Australia’s unique wildlife.

EMU’s engaging lessons and clear educational outcomes ensure it is a much sought after experience for schools along the east coast of Australia. For local councils, shows and community events, EMU offers an impressive, high-profile community education program, cost-effectively delivering messages on responsible animal care.

During its lifetime, EMU has visited over 400,000 students and is now a highly-anticipated visitor to schools, councils and community groups along the east coast of Australia.

Education on foot

An RSPCA Qld educator can visit your school or community group to deliver a presentation on a wide range of animal-related topics. Students and adults can benefit from our humane education programs, with lessons tailored to suit the needs, interests and skill levels of your group.

A visit from the RSPCA links to the curriculum in many key learning areas and effectively complements social development programs, with a focus on developing active, empathetic and responsible future citizens.