"I've always admired the work of the RSPCA," said Mr Irwin. "Obviously my passion is wildlife and the RSPCA is seeing its wildlife intake increase dramatically. I feel I can make a real contribution"

The RSPCA's new Animal Care Campus at Wacol will house a specialised Wildlife Hospital, which has been designed with the guidance of Mr Irwin. In return RSPCA Qld will assist Mr Irwin in the running of his special projects, such as the plight of the turtles and dugongs in North Queensland, and the battle to save the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat in South Australia.

"To be able to help Bob is an honour in itself," said RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend. "But to have him assist us in the expansion of our wildlife unit and education department is truly thrilling."

For more information on Bob's projects, visit http://www.bobirwinfoundation.org/.

All donations are very much appreciated and will help in our collaborative efforts with Bob Irwin to continue our work helping animals, enlightening people and changing lives.

To make your donation towards special projects identified by Bob Irwin to help the conservation of our precious wildlife please call 1300 777 221 or you can donate online.