Every day the RSPCA team receive countless calls through the 1300 ANIMAL emergency hotline regarding sick or injured animals from the community. With the help of Wildlife Heroes, many of these calls can be answered and many lives can be saved.

For instance, if a driver finds an animal on the road with an injury, they can call 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) and an RSPCA ambulance team member or Wildlife Hero will attend the incident and retrieve the animal for treatment and hopefully save its life. Without 1300 ANIMAL and the Wildlife Heroes, the animal may die or suffer needlessly.

The 1300 ANIMAL hotline offers 24-hour support to the public, with a comprehensive wildlife knowledge database as well as a huge range of contacts from Wildlife Heroes, rehabilitators and rescuers, council agencies and other animal welfare organisations state-wide. With on-site veterinary assistance, these animals can be cared for and released once healthy again. 

Being a Wildlife Hero is a selfless and rewarding decision that doesn’t have to take up all your spare time. With the option to attend to calls in an area you choose, to animals that you feel comfortable handling and in times that suit your life, this decision can work with your lifestyle.

Heroes are asked to assist sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. In many cases these animals have already been placed in confinement for travel and simply need to be picked up and transported to receive care.

If you are not a registered wildlife rehabilitator with a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency then you are not allowed to keep the animal and must pass it on as soon as possible.

Anyone who feels they want to do more, is able to give some time and offer true support to injured Wildlife, can sign up to be a 1300 ANIMAL Wildlife Hero. Simply register with the Wildlife Hero Registration Form and RSPCA will send you your Hero pack. This is your chance to make a real difference to the wildlife of Queensland.