Orientation sessions for these roles are at our Wacol Shelter on Wednesdays and Saturday (throughout the month) - please apply via the button below so we can contact you to book you into our next session!

***Please apply today if you are looking for an overnight on call volunteer role***

Shifts: Monday-Thursday (10-7am), Saturday - Sunday (10pm-7am). Some nights will be busier than others. Some nights you may not have any jobs to attend, hence working from home you can carry out your life as per usual until jobs you need to attend are sent through to you.  (Please specific your preference when you apply for the role). 

RSPCA Qld and Brisbane City Council have joined forces to deliver a dedicated animal Ambulance to rescue any sick, injured or orphaned animals in the Brisbane Metro area. Our Volunteer BCC Native Animals Ambulance drivers form an integral part of our front line rescue team running 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

As an on call night shift Ambulance Driver, you will be responsible for receiving jobs via the 24 hr call centre and actioning these jobs. Working from home (in a vehicle that we provide with iphone and ipad) you would be responsible for actioning jobs that come in via the call centre.  Your duties in these situations would vary depending on your level of skill and experience.This is not your typical role Volunteering at a shelter environment as we need people who are independant and can be flexible to accomodate needs on a daily basis. An ability to deal constructively with stressful situations, and to remain calm in confronting situations, is of high importance.

Skills required – Animal handling skills, attention to detail for paperwork admissions, good driving record with ability to use GPS navigating systems, Apple iphone and ipad devices. Email proficiency in sending and receiving photos and emails.

Volunteer characteristics required – Confidence, commitment, dedication, reliability and willingness to be a passionate advocate for animal welfare in Queensland. Couples/friends are eligible to work together in this role with one being a Driver and the other an Assistant.

Benefits – Relevant experience in the Animal Care field; ability to assist animals in need on the front line; learn from an experienced RSPCA Ambulance Officer; be part of a highly respected team; member benefits including the Mark Your Mark Reward & Recognition Program.

If you have any questions about this role, please contact the Volunteer Ambulance Coordinator.  Via email animalambulance@rspcaqld.org.au

Please only apply for this role if you are want to make the commitment and have a work/life balance. Due to the time involved in training new Volunteers to become Ambulance Drivers, we are only looking for those who will be able to maintain their commitment ongoing.