What to expect

Do you have creative flair and skills in videography?  Would you like to use your creative talents to help our animals be adopted?  This rewarding volunteer role is an opportunity for someone who likes working collaboratively in a close-knit team and is looking for an opportunity to learn and develop their creative skills.  You will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals, birds and reptiles in either of these roles.

What are the benefits?
• Build your short film portfolio
• Opportunity to gain new skills or further experience in working with animals
• The satisfaction of knowing your skills have helped an animal advertised for adoption to find a new home
• Becoming part of a friendly new community

What are the tasks?
There are a multitude of things we can do to help promote our animals who are available for adoption – as part of the Creative Team you can choose to undertake tasks in one of the roles or across multiple roles, depending on your skills.  The various Creative volunteer roles generally work closely together as a team, combining their various talents to produce high-quality, professional profiles of animals in the shelter to increase their chances of being adopted.  As a Volunteer Videographer, your tasks will include:
• Liaising with the Creative Production Coordinator or working from the generated list, co-ordinate the videoing of our animals to produce creative, compelling profiles for each one.
• Spending time with the animals awaiting adoption to understand their personalities, any special needs and what special characteristics they display so you can feature these for prospective 
• Preparing the animal as required eg dressing in bandanna, t-shirt, tie etc
• Encouraging animals using basic training and positive reinforcement to capture them in an attractive pose
• Editing video footage to upload onto RSPCA computers for display on the adopt-a-pet website

What skills and characteristics do I need?

• High levels of patience and a willingness to learn
• Some animal handling experience an advantage
• Enjoy working in a team environment
• Self-directed with good time management skills
• Empathy for animals

Skills Required
• Eye for detail
• Good filming skills
• Proficient at editing and uploading video
• Your own equipment is a bonus 

When can I volunteer?
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9am-1pm
• We request a minimum commitment of 1 x four hour shift per week for a minimum of 3 months.
• Orientation and animal training will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of volunteering with us you will be required to purchase an RSPCA Volunteer T-shirt for $25. It is also a requirement that before handling animals at the RSPCA you have an up to date Tetanus vaccination.

For further information, please contact our Brisbane Volunteer Coordinator on 3426 9915 or volunteering@rspcaqld.org.au, or APPLY NOW below.

*** Please upload your CV and examples of your work/provide a link to your Portfolio with examples of your work when applying for this position ***