Volunteer property checkers are essential to the operation of the RSPCA Foster Care Program. Every foster carer must have their home environments verified as being secure, safe, comfortable and caring before they can take on the responsibility of fostering an animal for the RSPCA. Without our property checkers, the whole foster care program would grind to a halt and thousands of animals every year would miss out on getting that all important ‘second chance’.

The training for our volunteer property checkers is very straightforward. You send an email to fostering@rspcaqld.org.au and we post you out an easy-to-read training booklet. You work through the booklet (which should only take about 10 minutes) and complete 10 simple multiple-choice questions at the end. You pop the completed questionnaire, plus a signed volunteer agreement form, into the stamped self-addressed envelope that we have provided and post it back to us. Once we’re sure that you’ve read the booklet by answering the questions correctly, you’ll be added to our list of available property checkers for the region you’ve nominated.

Every few weeks, an email is sent out to all of the property checkers in a particular region, with a list of property checks that need to be assigned. Property checkers choose which ones they can help with and are forwarded the contact details of the foster carer. You touch base with the carer and organise a mutually convenient time for the property check. You visit the person’s home and complete the property check forms. The questions range from “what is the height of the lowest fence?” to “is an area of the home able to securely keep felines inside at all times?”. You send the completed forms back to the foster care team and, if the home seems secure, safe, comfortable and caring, the foster carer is added to the available foster carer list. If the property seems unsuitable, you report back to the foster care team and they discuss the situation with the prospective foster carer.

Just email fostering@rspcaqld.org.au for more information about becoming a foster property checker and become a “Legend”.


Foster Care Team
Phone: 07 3426 9997
Email: fostering@rspcaqld.org.au