In the last five days seven puppies and around forty cats have been found dumped in bushland. The cats, most suffering from cat flu and two of them dead, were found in forest near Woodford and the puppies were discovered by a slashing contractor operating on a property near Beerwah. One of the puppies died. The RSPCA has set traps to catch any remaining cats and the puppies will be picked up from the Beerwah vet today and taken to the RSPCA’s Animal Care Campus at Wacol.

“It’s not only sad it’s unbelievably callous and irresponsible,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “The majority of the animals would have died a drawn out painful death but the ones that survived would be the strongest and most resilient. This is how the feral cat and wild dog populations have continued to multiply and prosper. If people would just get their animals desexed we wouldn’t have these problems. In many ways there’s a certain irony in the fact that these animals have been found dumped in the middle of our major de-sexing campaign.”

Operation Wanted: Desex your pet runs until the end of August. 172 vets statewide have signed up and are offering 20% discounts on desexing rates. Participants go into the draw to win two Harley Davidson motorcycles.