If you think your morning commute to work or school is a battle, spare a moment for our Aussie icon, Keona.

Like so many koalas and other Australian wildlife, urbanisation is wreaking havoc on the day to day lives of animals too.

Tempting fate on multiple occasions at Kurwongbah, Keona’s luck ran out crossing a busy road. She was rescued by Lee Pirini, RSPCA State Wildlife Operations Coordinator, and brought into our Wildlife Hospital for treatment after being hit by a car. 

Keona’s story and her trek once being released back into the wild is one not to be missed, you can learn more about her journey in our first issue of The Biscuit for 2018. 

Our magazine not only showcases the struggles facing our iconic Koala, but also delves deep into Extinction right across the planet. There are also plenty more articles to inspire!

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100% of profits from our magazine, directly help animals like Keona here, get a second chance!

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