A massive influx of animals has put immense pressure on our shelters. To meet the challenge of caring for so many needy animals, we have launched a Summer Crisis Appeal.

Please make an urgent donation to help RSPCA Queensland care for unwanted cats and dogs like Shera who have nowhere else to turn.

A massive increase in demand for our care has left RSPCA Queensland in crisis.

We predicted and prepared for a busy summer, but the size of the influx this year has surpassed all expectations.

It’s only January, but this is already shaping up to be our busiest summer on record. A tsunami of vulnerable kittens has swamped our shelters in numbers we’ve never known before.

To make matters more difficult still, there has also been a huge spike in the number of adult cats and dogs arriving with injuries and ailments that require costly veterinary care.

That’s why we declared a crisis, and why we are asking every animal lover who reads these urgent words to please make a donation right now.

Your contribution today will help to prevent this crisis from turning into a catastrophe for abused animals like Shera who so desperately need our help.

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Shera is a gentle and loving female tan and white bull mastiff who suffered horrendously at the hands of her previous owner.

She came to our attention when two witnesses reported seeing Shera’s owner beat her about the head with a steel bar after she playfully tried to pull some washing off his clothes line.

We immediately dispatched an Inspector to the scene, who found Shera wandering in a yard with two painful, open flesh wounds on her face.

Shera was taken to the safety of our shelter and her cruel owner was prosecuted. He was fined $1,250 and banned from owning an animal for three years.

Most importantly, the court ordered Shera’s owner to surrender her to our care. Which meant we were able to nurse her back to health and find her a new owner, worthy of her love.

Every day, we receive around 50 reports of suspected cruelty. Without RSPCA Queensland, the outlook for all those desperate victims of abuse would be bleak indeed.

That’s why it’s so important that we respond to this crisis quickly and decisively, and why it’s crucial that you please donate a secure gift today in support of this Summer Crisis Appeal.

For the sake of hundreds of creatures great and small, who are suffering cruelty, neglect and abandonment right now, please give generously.

Thank you.

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