You or your business can be a highly visible supporter of our animals who need a second chance.

At the RSPCA we need the support of generous individuals and businesses to help maintain our animal adoption enclosures.

The Second Chance program is a tangible and high profile way to show your support for animals in need each and every day!

How it works?

1. You choose the type of animal and the RSPCA Animal Care Centre location you wish to support
2. We work with you to develop a tailor made partnership and recognition package at RSPCA Qld
3. You receive regular updates of animals in your enclosure. You can share these animal profiles with your family, friends, colleagues, staff and customers. Sharing the stories on your personal or business social media channel will also help our animals get adopted sooner!

Program costs

There is a wide variety of options at our shelters through Queensland. You can pick the level of support that works for you or your business.

Brisbane Animal Care Campus

Highly visible enclosures (visited by over 100,000 people per year) cost $5,000 annually for our larger dog and cat rooms or $3,000 annually for our kitten and puppy rooms.

Individual sponsors and regional shelters

Become a support of your local shelter by donating $90 per month or $1080 annually for our dog kennels and $65 per month or $780 annually for our cat condos.

All gifts are tax deductible!

The RSPCA and our animals will continue to thank you! 

As our way of saying thank you for your generous ongoing support, you will receive:

  • Recognition of your sponsorship at the relevant Animal Care Centre
  • Regular updates about how your support is making a difference and the animals staying in your enclosure
  • Recognition you can display to your contacts or at your business

By supporting RSPCA Qld, our partners have a long-lasting impact on our rescue animals. Thank you to all our Second Chance partners who help support our enclosures.

Further information

For further information or to join the Second Chance Program today, please contact:

Kobi Scott
P 07 3426 9973
M 0417 793 207