Who could be so cruel? Lucy was brutally beaten and left for dead …

It's absolutely shocking and heart-breaking that anyone could do this to an innocent animal. There’s no excuse animal cruelty.

Lucy, a 10-month-old puppy, was the victim of a brutal bashing and left for dead in bushland. She suffered major head injuries and wounds all over her body. With thanks to our team of dedicated staff, volunteers and generous donors supporting her care and treatment - she made a miraculous recovery.


On a Saturday morning we received a call about an injured dog dumped in bushland. She was badly beaten and barely moving. This chilling call about Lucy was just one of 514 emergency calls we received that day! With over 110,000 Animal Emergency calls each year, we rely ongenerous community support to ensure we are there to answer the call to help these innocent animals.

Within minutes, our Animal Rescue Unit Officer rushed to the reported location. Lucy was on the ground not moving. She had bloodstains all over her body. She was bleeding from her head and one eye. Her front legs were also injured. She was given pain relief and a sedative, and carefully lifted into the Animal Ambulance.

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Lucy was rushed back to the RSPCA Animal Emergency Hospital for urgent vet care.

The vets couldn’t believe her shocking condition. She was brutally beaten and covered in blood; her right leg was extremely swollen and deviated; she had multiple cuts and wounds over her front legs, face and skull; and, the left side of her face was severely swollen, with one eye swollen shut. It was a miracle she had survived such a brutal bashing.

Lucy was in a very poor state – we weren’t sure if she would survive the night…

But this brave girl pulled through with dedicated care from a team of vets, vet nurses and volunteers.

Given the extent of Lucy’s injuries she was referred to a specialist orthopedic surgeon for surgical repair of her leg and skull fractures. Thankfully Lucy’s surgery went very well, and she returned to the RSPCA to continue her round-the-clock care.

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She quickly began responding to her team of dedicated carers with short tail wags. Within a remarkable 5 days since she was found, this brave young dog was able to stand and walk a short distance unaided. Lucy remained in our emergency vet hospital for 20 days for constant care and treatment.

Lucy has now fully recovered and has been rehomed to a loving family.

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Lucy’s amazing recovery was only made possible because a group of dedicated people came together and gave it their all to ensure she had the best care and treatment possible.

We rely entirely on funding from supporters like you to provide life-saving rescues, treatment and ongoing care. Without you, animals like Lucy would be without a lifeline.

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