Lochi was found with grave injuries, alone and frightened, on the side of the road. Every month thousands more animals like him experience horrific pain and suffering across Queensland.

At RSPCA, we do all we can to care for innocent animals that need our help. But, without ongoing support, we would not be able to care for them.

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Lochi, a handsome young Norwich Terrier we rescued recently when he had been found by the side of the road, alone and confused, with his right eye protruding painfully.

Rebecca drives an ambulance as part of our vital Inspectorate team rushed to Lochi’s side. She’s seen things that no animal lover would ever want to witness – and she’s spurred on in her work by a powerful need to make a difference:

“You want to be the first one on the scene. You want to be there to help the animal. It’s hard to see the animals in distress and in situations they shouldn’t be in, but if I can help them in any way, I want to be there. It’s our responsibility to get the animals back to our Animal Care Centres and get them the treatment they need.”

Despite everything she’s seen, it still breaks Rebecca’s heart to witness such suffering:

“I wanted to give him a big cuddle. My first thought was to rush him straight back to our Animal Care Centre to see what could be done for him, and give him a thorough check-over by our vets.”

Happily, the swift reactions and compassionate care of Rebecca and the team saved Lochi’s life. But more and more cases of dangerous injuries like Lochi’s are being reported to RSPCA all the time.

If not for RSPCA – and the regular gifts we receive from supporters like you – who would care for these animals? Where would they go? With the demand for our work growing all the time, you can understand that we urgently need a dependable income to help us be there for animals that need us.

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One of our experienced vets, Dr Lynne Falconer, immediately provided care for Lochi. She told me:

“One of his eyes was protruding – it was totally popped out of its socket. You can only imagine how painful that must be.”

Lynne wasted no time performing immediate surgery on Lochi’s eye. Sadly, despite all her skilful efforts, the eye was far too damaged to save and had to be removed.

Once Lochi had been stabilised after surgery, Lynne and the team wormed him and treated him for a serious infestation of fleas. They neutered him and vaccinated him against various diseases. They performed comprehensive dental work. They fed him and microchipped him. Finally, after days of intensive, dedicated care, he was on the mend.

Perhaps we’ll never know how poor Lochi ended up injured and alone that night. But what we do know is that there are thousands more innocent animals just like him who need our help every single day.

Reliable, monthly donations are the very best way of funding our ongoing work. Will you help us reach out and help animals that need us in the months ahead? A regular gift would help us be there for injured animals like Lochi, every step of the way.

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Lochi has been adopted, and is now leading a happy life full of love. Yet, it could all have been so different – for him and for thousands more animals – if RSPCA hadn’t been there to help.

What’s more, it’s only because of the kind, ongoing support of people like you that we can keep going, and be there for animals like Lochi for as long as we’re needed. Nick Crethar, our Chief Financial Officer, told me:

“If all the support of the community stopped today, we would have only the resources to provide our lifesaving services, caring for animals in need, for two months.”

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Every month thousands of animals like Lochi experience pain and suffering. Without ongoing support, RSPCA simply may not be able to help them. Please help us to be there for all creatures, great and small, every step of the way.