“Bronson’s recovery and the five happy years we spent together taught me that even in the most terrible cases of neglect, there is always hope. Which is why I decided to add RSPCA Qld to my own will – I can’t think of a better way to honour the memory of a dog that touched so many lives with his love.” Ann Robinson, who helped us transform Bronson’s life when she and her husband Graeme adopted him in 2005.

Bronson arrived at our Brisbane shelter in August 2005. He was found abandoned and in great pain outside a factory. His ribcage protruded, his ragged fur was crawling with fleas and his teeth were rotting in his mouth. Even our most experienced staff broke down in tears when they saw him.

Our vets feared that Bronson was beyond saving. One vet noted: “Only years of torment and abuse can account for Bronson’s grave condition.” It was thanks to the gifts left to us in the wills of our exceptional supporters, that we at least had enough funds to try and give him the second chance he deserved.

Thankfully our vets were able to fix Bronson’s body while our shelter team fixed his broken heart. And slowly but surely, their love and patience brought Bronson back to life.

Bronson’s story had such an impact that it made the local news, and our call centre was flooded with offers of a new home. Ann and Graeme Robinson were the lucky family chosen to care for Bronson. They welcomed the Shepherd into their homes and for five wonderful years provided him with an enormous amount of love.

Bronson Passed away peacefully in 2010 at 11 years of age. Although he suffered terrible cruelty at the start of his life, thanks to the wonderful individuals who included RSPCA Qld in their Wills, at the end he felt only love.