Give the gift of kindness this Christmas by becoming a Guardian Angel to a homeless animal in need.

For many, the festive season is a time of joy – but for the team here at RSPCA - it’s soul crushing.

Christmas is a critical time of need. We have once again been inundated with a deluge of abandoned and dumped holiday orphans, each one needing shelter and care.

It is expected we will be called on to protect upwards of 2000 unwanted kittens and 850 unwanted puppies this summer – all victims of a relentless breeding season.

It’s overwhelming, heartbreaking and costly.

Meet the special animals who need your help this Christmas.

Roscoe, a ten-month-old Neo Mastiff cross English Staffordshire Bull Terrier pictured above, was a Christmas puppy when he was found last year.

His ears were missing, and his injuries from where they had been removed were so badly neglected Roscoe could barely move.

RSPCA Inspector Yorick Walburgh attended the property and recalls the first moment he saw Roscoe:

“When I arrived at the property I saw Roscoe hiding at the back of a tiny doghouse. It was a sight I will always remember. Not only had he suffered terrible injuries from being attacked by other dogs, it was clear something else was very wrong with him as well.

He was missing his ears, and the place where they should have been showed terrible signs of infection. 

He was just sitting there sadly, not wanting to move. The pain must have been excruciating for him. He is still one of the worst cases I have seen.” 

Earn your halo.

Sadly, Roscoe’s story is all too common.

RSPCA Queensland will be called on to house and protect more than 8,250 abandoned, neglected and ‘unwanted’ animals across 9 shelters this summer.

To give them the second chance they deserve, we need to raise $1 million dollars to fund essential animal rescue and veterinary care services.

The complexity of medical issues facing poor little Roscoe was astounding. Where his ear flaps were missing, the ear tissue was open and exposed to the level of the lower ear cartilage and subcutaneous layers.

There was obvious evidence of infection including heat, swelling, malodorous purulent discharges, and pain. The vet also noted dirt and other physical contamination surrounding the wounds.

All of this could have been avoided if those caring for Roscoe had decided to promptly seek veterinary treatment for his injuries.

Become an RSPCA Guardian Angel to provide care and protection for those who need it most.

Can you help?

When you make a gift before 25 December you will be joining a special contingent of caring and compassionate supporters.

These Guardian Angels make it possible for RSPCA to continue to fund urgent rescues and hospital stays for animals like Roscoe during our busiest months.

Roscoe needed to be anaesthetised in order to examine the severity of his injuries, and determine whether further surgical treatment would be necessary.

His suffering was extreme.

This could have been avoided if those caring for Roscoe had decided to seek veterinary treatment for his injuries.

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Roscoe received round-the-clock love and attention for several months, and was administered several treatments during his recovery period.

He was soon adopted, and with the love and support of his new family Roscoe learned how to live again.

None of this happened through the efforts of one person. It took a village to make a difference in this puppy’s life.

When you share your gift of kindness with others you help RSPCA extend our vision of building a more compassionate and caring society where stories like Roscoe’s are the exception. 

When we all participate we build a better world - for all creatures great and small.